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ACER Projects Index

  • College or Department: Official UIC college or department name
  • Research Lab/Group: Name of research group or “Dept. Shared” for common departmental resources 
  • Allocation Group: ACER identifier associated with computation resource allocation
  • Allocation Sponsor: Individual overseeing allocation (PI, department head, etc.)
  • Project Group: ACER identifier associated with research project storage, commonly the same as allocation group
  • Project Delegate: individual assigned responsibility for technical coordination and account approvals
  • Old Project Directory: If applicable, project storage location that is to be decommissioned or migrated by Spring 2020
  • Active Project Directory: Current and future storage location for project group
Projects Index
College or Department Research Lab / Group Allocation Group Allocation Sponsor Project Group Project Delegate Old Project Directory Active Project Directory
Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Research (ACER) Administration acer_admin Himanshu Sharma acer_admin Greg Cross /mnt/store3/admin /projects/acer_admin
Department of Accounting Demerjian Group actg_pdemerj Peter Demerjian actg_pdemerj Peter Demerjian - /projects/actg_pdemerj
Bioengineering (BioE) Ma Lab bioe_aoma Ao Ma bioe_aoma Ao Ma /mnt/store3/clustmalab /projects/bioe_aoma
Bioengineering (BioE) Liang Group bioe_jliang Jie Liang bioe_jliang Jie Liang /mnt/store3/clustjliangshared /projects/bioe_jliang
Bioengineering (BioE) Dept. Shared bioe_shared Thomas Royston bioe_shared Thomas Royston /mnt/store3/clustbioeshared /projects/bioe_shared
Bioengineering (BioE) Peng Group bioe_zhpeng Zhangli Peng bioe_zhpeng Zhangli Peng - /projects/bioe_zhpeng
Biological Sciences (BioS) Igic Lab bios_igic Boris Igic bios_igic Boris Igic /mnt/store3/clustigiclab /projects/bios_igic
Biological Sciences (BioS) Lynch Group bios_igic Boris Igic bios_jlynch42 Jeremy A Lynch /mnt/store3/clustjlynch42lab /projects/bios_igic/bios_jlynch42
Biological Sciences (BioS) Poretsky Lab bios_microbe Rachel Poretsky bios_microbe Rachel Poretsky /projects/bios_poretsky /projects/bios_microbe
Chemical Engineering (Che) Murad/Akpa Group che_muradakpa Sohail Murad & Belinda Akpa che_muradakpa Sohail Murad & Belinda Akpa - /projects/che_muradakpa
Chemistry (Chem) Zhou Biophysics Group chem_hzhou43 Huan-Xiang Zhou chem_hzhou43 Huan-Xiang Zhou - /projects/chem_hzhou43
Chemistry (Chem) Ishii Group chem_ishii Yoshitaka Ishii chem_ishii Yoshitaka Ishii - /projects/chem_ishii*
Chemistry (Chem) Lorieau Research Group chem_jlorieau Justin Lorieau chem_jlorieau Justin Lorieau /projects/chem_lorieau /projects/chem_jlorieau
Chemistry (Chem) Dept. Shared chem_shared Luke Hanley chem_shared Mohammad Islam - /projects/chem_shared
Chemistry (Chem) Vasquez Lab chem_shared Luke Hanley chem_fxv Frank Vasquez /mnt/store3/clustfxvlab /projects/chem_shared/chem_fxv
Chemistry (Chem) Shahidi Lab chem_shared Luke Hanley chem_mshahidi Mohammad Islam /projects/chem_mshahidi /projects/chem_shared/chem_mshahidi
Civil and Materials Engineering (CME) Dept. Shared cme_shared Mustafa Mahamid cme_shared Mustafa Mahamid - /projects/cme_shared
Civil and Materials Engineering (CME) Computational Materials Research Laboratory (CMRL) cme_shared Mustafa Mahamid cme_sarakad Sara Kadkhodaei /projects/cme_sarakad /projects/cme_shared/cme_sarakad
Civil and Materials Engineering (CME) Chaudhuri Group cme_santc Santanu Chaudhuri cme_santc Santanu Chaudhuri - /projects/cme_santc
College of Engineering (COE) Dept. Shared coe_shared Venkat Venkatakrishnan coe_shared Venkat Venkatakrishnan - /projects/coe_shared
College of Medicine (COM) Abrams Group com_cabrams1 Charles Abrams com_cabrams1 Charles Abrams - /projects/com_cabrams1
College of Medicine (COM) Prins Group com_gprins Gail Prins com_gprins Gail Prins - /projects/com_gprins
College of Medicine (COM) Grassi Group com_grassim Michael Grassi com_grassim Michael Grassi - /projects/com_grassim
College of Medicine (COM) Buhimschi Group com_irina Irina Buhimschi com_irina Irina Buhimschi - /projects/com_irina
College of Medicine (COM) Perkins Lab com_perkinsd David L Perkins com_perkinsd David L Perkins /mnt/store3/clustperkinsdlab /projects/com_perkinsd
College of Medicine (COM) Roth’s Lab com_rothgas Steven Roth com_rothgas Steven Roth - /projects/com_rothgas
College of Medicine (COM) Dept. Shared com_shared Bellur Prabhakar com_shared Bellur Prabhakar /mnt/store3/clustcomshared /projects/com_shared
College of Medicine (COM) Star Lab com_shared Bellur Prabhakar com_star1 Amy L Kenter /mnt/store3/cluststar1lab /projects/com_shared/com_star1
Department of Computer Science (CS) AI Lab cs_ai Robert Sloan & Pete Nelson cs_ai Robert Sloan & Pete Nelson - /projects/cs_ai*
Department of Computer Science (CS) Dept. Shared cs_shared Robert Sloan cs_shared Robert Sloan - /projects/cs_shared
Department of Computer Science (CS) Zhang Group cs_zhangx Xinhua Zhang cs_zhangx Xinhua Zhang - /projects/cs_zhangx
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EAES) Dept. Shared eaes_shared Max Berkelhammer eaes_shared Max Berkelhammer /mnt/store3/clustberkelhalab /projects/eaes_shared
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Trivedi Group ece_amitrt Amit Trivedi ece_amitrt Amit Trivedi - /projects/ece_amitrt
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Laboratory for Energy and Switching ece_mazumder Sudip Mazumder ece_mazumder Sudip Mazumder - /projects/ece_mazumder
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Stroscio Group ECE_STROSCIO Michael Stroscio ECE_STROSCIO Michael Stroscio - /projects/ece_stroscio
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Zhu Lab ece_zzhu Zhichun Zhu ece_zzhu Zhichun Zhu - /projects/ece_zzhu
School of Public Health / Health Policy and Administration (SPH/HPA) Dept. Shared hpa_shared Arash Jalali hpa_shared Arash Jalali - /projects/hpa_shared
School of Public Health / Health Policy and Administration (SPH/HPA) Jalali Group hpa_shared Arash Jalali hpa_jalali Arash Jalali /projects/hpa_jalali /projects/hpa_shared/hpa_jalali
Department of Information & Decision Sciences (IDS) Cheek Group ids_kdcheek Kyle Cheek ids_kdcheek Kyle Cheek - /projects/ids_kdcheek
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Dept. Shared mie_shared Farzad Mashayek mie_shared Farzad Mashayek - /projects/mie_shared
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Computational Multiphase Transport Laboratory (CMTL) mie_shared Farzad Mashayek mie_cmtl Farzad Mashayek /projects/mie_shared/mie_mashayek /projects/mie_shared/mie_cmtl
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Energy Storage and Conversion Modeling Group (ESCM) mie_shared Farzad Mashayek mie_escm Vitaliy Yurkiv /projects/escm_yurkiv /projects/mie_shared/mie_escm*
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (MSCS) Dept. Shared mscs_shared Brooke Shipley mscs_shared Brooke Shipley - /projects/mscs_shared
College of Pharmacy (Pharm) Dept. Shared pharm_shared Joanna Burdette pharm_shared Joanna Burdette - /projects/pharm_shared
College of Pharmacy (Pharm) Thatcher Group pharm_thatcher Greg Thatcher pharm_thatcher Greg Thatcher - /projects/pharm_thatcher
Department of Physics (Phys) The Khalili Group phys_akhalili Fatemeh Khalili-Araghi phys_akhalili Fatemeh Khalili-Araghi /projects/phys_khalili /projects/phys_akhalili
Department of Physics (Phys) Park Group phys_hyowon Hyowon Park phys_hyowon Hyowon Park /projects/phys_park /projects/phys_hyowon
Department of Physics (Phys) Dept. Shared phys_shared David Hofman phys_shared David Hofman - /projects/phys_shared
Research Resources Center (RRC) Dept. Shared rrc_shared Mark Maienschein-Cline rrc_shared Mark Maienschein-Cline - /projects/rrc_shared
Research Resources Center (RRC) Research Informatics Core rrc_shared Mark Maienschein-Cline cri_mmaiensc Mark Maienschein-Cline /mnt/store3/clustcrilab /projects/rrc_shared/cri_mmaiensc
Rush University Zloza Group rush_zloza0 Andrew Zloza rush_zloza0 Andrew Zloza - /projects/rush_zloza0*
Department of Sociology (Soc) Somashekhar Group soc_msoma Mahesh Somashekhar soc_msoma Mahesh Somashekhar - /projects/soc_msoma
School of Public Health (SPH) Basu Group sph_sbasu Sanjib Basu sph_sbasu Sanjib Basu - /projects/sph_sbasu
School of Public Health (SPH) Mehta Group sph_supriyad Supriya Mehta sph_supriyad Supriya Mehta - /projects/sph_supriyad