Data Analytics


Data Analytics using SAS Studio

How to get an account

To use the service, you must request access by emailing This will create a support ticket and our staff will be in touch with you within one business day.

Logging into SAS Studio

Once you are granted access to the SAS Studio resource you can log into the service at the URL . Once connected, you will see a login screen prompting for your user ID and password; authentication credentials are your standard UIC NetID and password.

Transferring SAS Studio data

All ACER users who have been granted access to the SABER resource should have space provisioned within their project’s /projects/dept_owner/ directory. Collaborative files shared with all users within a project should be stored in the common/ directory, while files specifically used by the individual should go in the user’s NetID/ directory.

Small data transfers (< 100 MB)

For data transfers under 100 MB, users can use SAS’s built in HTTPS-based upload and download links within the “Server Files and Folders” sidebar.

Large data transfers (≥ 100 MB)

Data transfer via HTTPS can does not perform well on larger files. For data transfers 100 MB or greater, ACER recommends the use of an SCP/SFTP client. Users who do not wish to use CLI-based SFTP commands will need to install a GUI-based SFTP client such as Cyberduck. Note that SCP/SFTP transfers require enrollment and use of Duo two-factor authentication (2FA). Please refer to ACER’s page on Duo Two-Factor Authentication for more information Cyberduck and Duo 2FA.

Using SAS Studio

For information on using SAS Studio, please refer to SAS’s online reference documentation and video tutorials.

Exit a SAS Studio session

It is imperative that users properly log out from an existing SAS session, otherwise the session will continue to run indefinitely (even if the web browser has been closed). By clicking on the “Sign Out” tab on the top right corner, a user’s SAS session will be terminated cleanly and successfully.