High Performance Computing

UIC’s first and currently in-production HPC (High-Performance Computing) cluster, Extreme, provides researchers a powerful machine with 3,500 cores, 24.5 Terabytes of memory and 1.25 Petabytes of local raw storage, of which 275 Terabytes is raw fast scratch storage. Extreme supports more than 150 researchers across 25 different research groups from 5 colleges. As the result of unprecedented collaboration across several stakeholders, Extreme is built on partnership model where multiple departments and colleges invested to allow their affiliated faculty to use this resource. Extreme is housed in the Roosevelt Road Building (RRB) Data Center with 24/7/365 video surveillance, dedicated power supply, backup power, cooling and fire suppression systems.

Partnership Model

Under partnership model, researchers can invest upfront to get dedicated access to exact quantity and type of compute resources as per their requirements. Researchers, whose research is computationally intensive and may require compute resources for a longer period of time, should consider investing in our partnership model. Researchers will make one-time investment to secure access to desired quantity and type of resources. You can visit our “Place Order” page for more information.


Research Computing as a Services (RCaaS) is ideal for researchers who require sporadic access to compute resources and do not wish to make upfront investment in dedicated capacity for their group. This on-demand service can also be used by researchers who are beginning to explore distributed computing or Big Data architectures for their research. Researchers will be charged on a monthly basis based on their node-level (resource-level) utilization for that month. We envision that eventually some of our users from this model may mature onto partnership model through an organic growth in their research needs for dedicated compute capacity. You can visit our “Place Order” page for more information.

For more information, please contact us at acer@uic.edu