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Extreme CentOS7 Upgrade Schedule

Dear Extreme Users,

The upgrade schedule of the operating system of the Extreme cluster to CentOS 7 has been finalized and will take place during the week of June 27. Please check the schedule below to see the day each queue will be updated. We anticipate the downtime for each queue to be roughly one day.

If you have not yet begun to prepare your workflows for running in the new CentOS 7 environment, we strongly urge you to start as soon as possible. The batch7 queue is available as a testbed for preparing your workflows to run in the new operating system. It is recommended to use to see the list of available software and to submit jobs to this queue. More detailed instructions for compiling software and submitting jobs to the batch7 queue can be found here (you must be on campus or connected to the UIC VPN to access this page). Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for your cooperation.

Extreme Upgrade Schedule
Date Queues
June 27 batch
June 28 bioe_aoma, bioe_jliang, edu_shared, jliang, malab
June 29 biophys, cmtlg1, cmtlg2, mie_shared_g1, mie_shared_g2, phys_akhalili, phys_hyowon, phys_park
June 30 bios_microbe, chem_jlorieau, cri, cri_compute, poretsky, rrc_highmem, rrc_compute
July 1 login-1