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New Storage Quota Policy

Dear HPC Users,

As announced earlier this year, our new storage infrastructure is expected to come online sometime this Summer. With it, we will begin implementing a storage quota policy to ensure the system provides robust and reliable service for our entire research community. After consideration of the campus’ needs and best practices at other academic HPC centers, we have decided upon the following storage policy:

  • All users will be provided with 100 GB of free space in their /home directory
  • Principle Investigators (PIs) will be given a directory on the /projects partition for their group’s use with 1 TB of free space
    • PI’s can purchase additional disk space for $44/TB/yr
  • All users will be granted unlimited space on the /scratch partition, however this space will operate under a 60-day purge policy

In addition, this Fall we will augment our storage platform with cost-effective long term archival and backup storage options, which we expect will cost $10-20/TB/yr.

To facilitate the migration to the new system and to prevent any disruption to our user’s workflows, ACER will perform the overall transfer from the old storage environment to the new storage environment in collaboration with individual research groups. More detailed information regarding the migration will be provided as we approach the crossover date.

Finally, the new storage policy will not be enforced immediately upon activation of the new storage infrastructure. Instead, we will provide a 3-month grace period to allow users to trim down their filesystems and/or archive their data. During this time, our users will have access to all their data.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot provide an exact timeline regarding when the new storage will be available as our vendor is experiencing supply chain issues, but we will provide the community with updates as soon as we obtain more information.

We thank you again for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Best regards,