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Reminder: Extreme OS upgrade begins Monday, June 27

Dear Extreme Users,

We would like to remind you that starting on Monday, June 27, the operation system of the compute nodes running CentOS 6 on our Extreme computational cluster will be upgraded to CentOS 7. Each day next week a different job queue or queues will be taken offline and updated, the first of which will be the batch queue on Monday morning. Note that any jobs running on this queue at this time will be terminated and will need to be resubmitted. Please refer to our migration schedule to find the day the machines in your queue will be updated. We expect each queue will be down for roughly one day while we perform the update. A notice will sent out when the queue is back online.

We would like to thank all the users who tested their workflows on the batch7 queue and provided us with their valuable feedback. We also would like to everyone in advance for their patience and cooperation during the upgrade. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Best regards,


Extreme Upgrade Schedule
Date Queues
June 27 batch
June 28 bioe_aoma, bioe_jliang, edu_shared, jliang, malab
June 29 biophys, cmtlg1, cmtlg2, mie_shared_g1, mie_shared_g2, phys_akhalili, phys_hyowon, phys_park
June 30 bios_microbe, chem_jlorieau, cri, cri_compute, poretsky, rrc_highmem, rrc_compute
July 1 login-1