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Project Storage

Researchers using HPC, Analytics, and other ACER resources are granted access to the centralized Project Storage filesystem as part of their purchased or leased computational assets. Each department or PI with an ACER computational allocation is granted 25 GB of complementary storage for use by sponsored users and affiliated research projects.

Starting in 2020, Project Storage is the primary storage resource for research data; users' home directories are now subjected to a 10 GB quota, and should not be used for large scale data storage.

Within the /projects/ filesystem, each allocation has a directory with the same name as the affiliated computational allocation (generally of the format dept_NetID/ or dept_group/). Each allocation directory contains by default:

  • NetID/ directory for each sponsored user within the allocation
  • a common/ directory for exchange

PIs affiliated with an allocation can also request a subdirectory for individual research projects from either the allocation sponsor, allocation technical delegate, or ACER support staff.

Additional storage can be procured at a per-terabyte (TB) rate on monthly or yearly terms. To request a project directory or additional space, please complete the Project Storage request form.

Researchers making use of published scientific datasets can reduce their chargeable storage consumption if it considered to be of interest to the UIC research community. If you believe you have eligible datasets that can be moved to a centralized location, please contact to coordinate migration of data out of your allocation-specific directory within /projects/.