High Performance Computing Storage

HPC storage
Currently UIC’s researchers have access to 1.25 PB (1,250,000 GB) high-performance storage through Extreme cluster. ACER is planning on doubling the storage size to 2.5 PB through the SABER cluster. This high-capacity and highly-available storage is best suited to run massive computations and big data MapReduce analytics. HPC storage is connected to local compute resources over fast dedicated Infiniband infrastructure with up to 40 GB/s network.

Research data storage
Not all researchers need high-performance storage to address their modest needs in a more cost effective manner. ACCC will soon provides researchers with an option to buy either secure (for sensitive data) or regular storage that can be mounted directly on their office workstations. Researchers will have an option incrementally add more storage and share data with their collaborators. For sharing larger datasets, ACER can also work with researchers to utilize grid file transfer services such as Globus and GridFTP etc.

For more information, please contact acer@uic.edu

High Performance Storage