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Chicago Women in HPC

WHPC meeting in Summer 2023

Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) is a global community and professional network that aims to promote the diversity and inclusion of women in the field of high-performance computing (HPC).

WHPC was founded to address the gender imbalance in the HPC community and to provide support, networking opportunities, and professional development for women working in or aspiring to work in this field. The organization focuses on several key objectives:

    Networking: WHPC creates a supportive community for women in HPC, enabling them to connect with peers, mentors, and role models in the field.

    Career Development: WHPC offers resources and initiatives to help women advance in their HPC careers, including mentorship programs, training, and leadership development opportunities.

    Advocacy: The organization advocates for gender diversity in HPC by raising awareness of the challenges women face in the field and promoting strategies to overcome them.

    Outreach and Education: WHPC engages in outreach activities to encourage young women and girls to consider careers in HPC and related fields. They also work to eliminate unconscious bias in the industry.

    Research and Best Practices: WHPC conducts research on diversity in HPC and shares best practices for fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment.

We take immense pride in the collaboration between the women of ACER and Argonne, who have joined forces to establish the very first Women in High-Performance Computing (WHPC) chapter in Chicago. We are dedicated to fostering gender diversity in the field of high-performance computing and paving the way for more opportunities and support for women in technology. To stay informed about our outreach, initiatives, and upcoming events, we invite you to visit our official website and consider becoming a member. Your support will contribute to the growth and success of this vital organization, ensuring that women in Chicago have the resources and networks they need to thrive in the world of high-performance computing. Together, we can make a significant impact and advance diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry.