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Advanced Cyberinfrastruture for Education and Research provides researchers and faculty access to high performance computing resources, secure computing environments, big data analytics and visualization tools along with fast and secure data transfer and storage over high performance networks to ensure high availability, throughput and reliability.

Resources are provided using different purchase models and access to these resources an be obtained though principal investigators or department heads. As these are shared resources and are maintained wholly by ACER, researchers can focus on their research and not worry about the building and maintenance of the computing infrastructure. Complementing the high-end processors in the clusters at ACER are high performance storage and networks which include a more recently installed data transfer node reaching data transfer speeds of up to 80 Gbps.

Apart from the hardware resources, ACER also provides technical support on software installations, documentations on cluster usage and making the most out of your reserved computational resources.

To learn more about the various resources and services offered at ACER, please use the links given below or on the left menu: