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The overview page should help you get started with learning about and utilizing the various services offered at ACER.

What is ACER? Heading link

The Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Research (ACER) strives to provide researchers—and their collaborators around the globe—with a broad array of computational resources and data-related services to meet any and all of their technical needs. These services include, but are not limited to, providing access to high-performance computing clusters, big data analytics clusters, collaborative research data storage, secure research environments and high-performance networking. In addition to providing resources, ACER offers consulting services to researchers to aid with their individual projects. Whether it be building architecture to securely transfer digital information; analyze data from instruments, sensors, and devices; or implementing software-defined networking projects, ACER is committed to furthering UIC’s research ambitions holistically.

What is High Performance Computing? Heading link

High performance computing (HPC) is a process of aggregating computing power to run heavy and large-scale applications in a way that delivers much faster performance and throughput than what you would typically get with a single laptop or workstation computer. This kind of computing power allows you to efficiently solve complex problems in the fields of science, engineering, and business.

  • Shorter Processing Times

    Information processing times for complex tasks are decreased exponentially when performed on an HPC cluster, leading to faster and more efficient research output.

  • Higher Throughput

    As HPC resources tend to have larger memory and storage capacities along with grouped computing power, large volumes of data can be processed simultaneously, leading to a high bandwidth system where more work can be done at the same time.

  • Faster Data Transfer

    Computing resources at ACER offer fast, realtime data transfer speeds using InfiniBand topologies that are better optimized for high performance needs when compared to traditional Ethernet.

HPC Workflow Heading link

The following steps illustrate a typical job workflow in a High Performance Computing environment:

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We're here to Help Heading link

As part of your collaboration with ACER, we shall provide support to you in all phases of the technology life-cycle including:

  • Working with you to determine what type(s) of compute resources best meet your research needs
  • Negotiating competitive prices from a range of top-tier vendors using bulk purchasing prices
  • Hosting your dedicated compute resources in a secure on-campus data center
  • Active on-going support, updates, and maintenance by a team of professional system administrators and engineers.