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Data Management

The foundations of the current campus research network (CRN) was established by the NSF INCUS grant. The networking requirements of the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) helped UIC expand its bandwidth from basic Internet2 connectivity (via MREN to StarLight) to high-performance connectivity to regional, national and international research networks (via StarLight). This has enabled advanced research partnerships with University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and other research institutions and facilities.

Technology Solutions currently provides routing and on-campus network segmentation to existing researchers on campus at 10Gb and, thanks to INCUS, to a few laboratories, including EVL, at 40-100Gb. ACER collaborated with campus researchers recently to win a NSF $500,000 award to build/extend Science DMZ network at UIC and to extend high-performance networking (10Gb-40Gb) capabilities to more researchers on campus.

High Performance Research Network Heading link

ACER manages UIC’s High Performance Research Network (HPRNet), providing a direct 100 Gb/s uplink from the campus to Internet2.

  • Globus Connect allows for users to transfer data into the ACER infrastructure from on-campus and off-site nodes via the Data Transfer Node service.
  • Departmental and lab installation is available for research groups who need HPRNet connectivity to local resources demanding high bandwidth.

For more information, please visit the HPRNet main page.

InfiniBand Fabric Heading link

ACER’s high performance computing and storage resources are connected through a unified InfiniBand fabric with data transfer rates up to EDR speeds (100 Gb/s).