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ACER provides hundreds of software applications to our user community. A listing of the installed applications can be found on the available software* page. This listing can also be obtained by running the command module avail‘  from the bash terminal. If you need software that is not installed on the Extreme/SABER clusters, please submit a new software request.

*Note: You will need to connect to the UIC VPN prior to accessing this webpage.

Scientific & Mathematical Applications Heading link

As a courtesy to the HPC community, ACER provides basic build services to researchers using scientific and mathematical applications. Users with access to HPC resources can submit a support request to have free and open source software (FOSS) downloaded, built, and installed for centralized deployment. Users interested in this service should submit a software request and include a link to the download URL and preferred version (as applicable). Note that ACER HPC resources run CentOS Linux on x86_64 CPU and NVIDIA GPU architectures.

Commercial Software Licensing and Procurement Heading link

ACER, as part of Technology Solutions, works with the University of Illinois WebStore to facilitate the licensing and installation of commercial applications. Departments interested in unit procurements should visit the WebStore site for software availability and pricing.

Additionally, commercial applications available from other vendors can be installed on ACER resources. Users can submit a support request with ACER staff to coordinate purchase (if necessary) and deployment.

Custom Software Builds Heading link

In addition to installing FOSS and commercial applications, ACER provides software build services at an hourly rate to the UIC community. Services include:

  • Performance optimization of scientific applications
  • Creation of custom interfaces and algorithms for HPC
  • Backend database instances to fulfill software dependencies

If you have interest in custom software build services, please contact to request an initial consultation.