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Analytics & Big Data

Growing demands in the area of data analytics has increased the need for computation beyond the capabilities of workstation-based applications. Historically, these computational needs have often required researchers to invest significant effort in deploying and maintaining their own resources.

ACER provides streamlined solutions for UIC researchers which allow Hadoop and analytics tools to be provisioned on demand through HPC- and web-based implementations. This eliminates the need for individual deployment of dedicated infrastructure within a group or department, and facilitates scaling to accommodate larger numbers of users and data, all with access to centralized filesystems common to ACER HPC clusters.

Hadoop on Demand (HOD) Heading link

SABER provides the Hadoop On Demand (HOD) service to its users to allow MapReduce jobs to be run on clusters of arbitrary size without the need for advance knowledge of Hadoop or allocation of dedicated resources. Only minimal configuration is required, similar to loading any software package for HPC-style workloads. HOD utilizes the underlying scheduler and accounting services provided by Torque and Moab.

SABER’s HOD service runs hanythingondemand v3—Ghent University’s generalized, third-generation derivative of Apache’s Hadoop On Demand software—providing an execution environment for MapReduce applications within Hadoop, Hbase, and Hive frameworks.

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R Studio Heading link

R Studio is an web-based integrated development environment for the R statistical and computation application. R Studio allows users to operate with different versions of R within a common environment and provides a more user-friendly interface than through a text terminal interface. For pricing information and to request access to R Studio please visit the “Analytics as a Service” section on our Resource Pricing webpage.

SAS Studio Heading link

SAS Studio is a web-based implementation of the SAS statistical software suite. By using SAS Studio, user of SAS can take advantage of ACER computing resources and offload software installation and computational from their local system. The web-based option provides access to those who may otherwise be unable to use SAS, either due to licensing restrictions or lack of operating system support (e.g., macOS). For further information about SAS Studio pricing and to request access, please visit the “Analytics as a Service” section of our Resource Pricing webpage.