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Globus and the Data Transfer Node

ACER provides a Data Transfer Node (DTN) service for large-scale data exchanges between UIC and the research community at large. The DTN is linked to a pool of more than 10,000 data storage systems (called "endpoints") which are accessible through the Globus data management service.  Using the Globus Connect Personal desktop application, researchers can initiate and manage high-speed GridFTP transfers between eligible academic, government, and commercial computing facilities.

UIC faculty and staff can request access to the DTN on behalf of themselves or sponsored students by filling out the DTN access request form. Once provisioned access, users can use the uicacer#dtn endpoint to store their data on ACER’s high performance storage filesystem. Researchers who do not have accounts on any of our research computing systems can store their data temporarily on our filesystem for up to 30 days. Instructions for using this service to transfer files can be found on our Globus Personal Connect Instructions webpage (Note: access to this page is limited to persons on the UIC Network or connected through the UIC VPN).Users of the DTN are expected to abide by HPRNet policies and guidelines.

Sensitive data policy: Please note that Globus and the associated Data Sharing platform (DTN) are not approved to manage or share protected datasets such as FERPA, PHI/HIPAA. Any access requests to share these protected datasets using Globus will be denied by ACER. Should you have the need to share protected data, please contact us at with specifics of your request and our team will work with you and IRB to look into approved alternatives.

For more information about Globus products and services, please visit the Globus web site.