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Research Data Lake

The Research Data Lake is a safe, reliable, enterprise-grade system for storing and managing both structured and unstructured research data. The system is located on the UIC campus and is fully owned and managed by ACER. It utilizes an implementation of the Amazon S3 object protocol that makes it ideally suited for data archiving, backing up of critical data, disaster recovery, big data analytics and machine learning.

Data on this system is accessed through the Globus file transfer system, which provides a browser interface or command-line interface to access data on the system or to transfer from personal devices (laptops, lab machines etc.) via Globus Personal Endpoint.

Replication with backups at an offsite location is targeted to be available later in 2024.

General Research Storage is $22/TB per year but it may increase once off-site data replication becomes available.

At present, this system is not certified to store personally-identifiable information but work is underway to allow these systems to store sensitive data and they are expected to become HIPAA compliant in the near future.