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IMPORTANT: Backup or move your HPC data to Research Data Lake soon!

Dear HPC Users,

As you are aware, the Extreme and SABER clusters, along with the associated storage systems, are scheduled to be decommissioned by the end of this year. In particular, the storage system on Extreme and Saber is over 10 years old and well beyond its warrantied lifespan, which makes the danger of catastrophic data loss a real and immediate institutional concern.

To prevent this, we want to bring to your attention a new storage option recently announced to campus called Research Data Lake (RDL). RDL is well suited for storing and managing research data and allows for direct data transfers from the Extreme and SABER systems using Globus. We would like to strongly encourage you to consider this new system for backing up and archiving your files and datasets on the Extreme and Saber filesystems.

The nominal cost for storage on Research Data Lake is $22/TB/yr. However, to incentivize the backup of data, we will waive the cost for the first 5 TB of storage space on RDL for each research lab currently using Extreme or Saber, provided storage space has been requested by August 15th, 2023 and data copied over before Sept 15th, 2023. Once your files are copied over and verified, we encourage you to remove any unused or unnecessary files from the end-of-life storage systems.

Please take this opportunity to safeguard yourselves against irrecoverable data loss and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your data and files are safe, secure and recoverable. You may request storage space on Research Data Lake here.

Best Regards,