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Apr 11 2024

Gen AI 101

April 11, 2024


This event will be held via Zoom and dates/times are in US Central Daylight Time


*Note: This webinar covers the same material presented in the GenAI 101 tutorial given on Feb 29.*

GenAI is rapidly transforming how we approach work and research, opening up new possibilities that were once beyond our imagination. In the upcoming training session, we'll be introducing you to essential tools and techniques to effectively utilize GenAI technology. This will enhance both your personal skills and your professional projects. The training will focus on understanding the functionality of GenAI, offering practical examples of its application, and teaching how to craft effective prompts. Designed for all skill levels, this session requires little to no coding experience. Additionally, we will delve into the GenAI tools available at UIC, demonstrating how to integrate them into your daily workflows and business strategies to develop a more strategic approach.

Learning Objectives:

  • Fundamentals of GenAI: Grasp the basic principles and capabilities of GenAI technology.
  • Practical Applications: Learn through practical examples how GenAI can be applied in various scenarios.
  • Effective Prompt Crafting: Acquire skills to create precise and impactful prompts to achieve specific outcomes.
  • Exploration of UIC's GenAI Tools: Familiarize yourself with the range of GenAI tools available at UIC and learn to use them effectively.
  • Integration into Workflows and Strategies: Discover how to seamlessly integrate GenAI into your daily workflows and business strategies, enhancing strategic thinking and operational efficiency.


Click here to register. Registration for this training ends on April 9th or when the registration limit is met, whichever comes first.


Ana Sokovic, Amira Kefi

Date posted

Jan 4, 2024

Date updated

Jan 12, 2024