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Update: Decommissioning of Extreme and SABER

Dear HPC Users,

Extreme and SABER will not be decommissioned at the end of the year. Several months ago, we sent out an email announcing the retirement of the Extreme and SABER clusters by December 2023. This announcement was sent with the expectation that the cluster that will be replacing these systems would already be up and running. Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues (caused mainly by the surge of interest in generative AI), we do not expect the new cluster to come online until at least March 2024. With this being the case, Extreme and SABER will not be retired at the end of the year and you can expect to retain full access to these clusters at least through the Spring of 2024. Once we have a better idea of when the new HPC cluster will become available, we will provide you with a updated timeline for the decommissioning.

We would also like to remind you that even though we will not be retiring the Extreme and SABER clusters at the end of the year, the filesystem on Extreme/SABER is over 10 years old and is out of warranty. We are therefore strongly encouraging all users to safeguard themselves against irrecoverable data loss and backup their data to Research Data Lake (RDL) and/or some another storage system as soon as possible. Instructions on how to backup your data to RDL can be found here (you must be on campus or on the UIC VPN to access this page).

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email us at

Thank you,
ACER Staff