SABER - a Versatile Cluster

UIC’s first open-access SABER cluster with HPC and Big Data capabilities is now available for use on a pay-per-use model.

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High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC)

High performance computing service is now available to selected researchers at UIC.


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Hypersonic Flights

Our researchers are working on simulations of supersonic combustors for future hypersonic flights. With more computation power, we achieve desired simulations in an efficient manner.


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Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Using the HPCC, Physicists at UIC are studying permeation process across cellular membranes using Molecular Dynamics simulations. The system shown in the figure is a membrane protein (AcrB) that transports substrates across bacterial membrane.


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HPC & Big-Data

UIC’s first HPC (High-Performance Computing) cluster, Extreme, provides researchers a powerful machine with 3,500 cores, 24.5 Terabytes of memory and 1.25 Petabytes of local raw storage.


The UIC campus network is comprised of 10Gbps fiber optic switched Ethernet links and a Campus Research Network spans the UIC campus with a 40Gbps core.


ACER is planning on increasing the storage size to 2.5 PB through the SABER cluster with options for secure (sensitive data) or regular storage that can be mounted directly on workstations.


ACER staff will consult with researchers at every stage of research including one-on-one consultations, classroom tutorials, workshops, and software resources through strategic partnerships.

ACER@ACCC partners with UIC research community to provide broad-array of data infrastructure and services.

ACER’s mission is to advance scientific research and training at UIC with help of advanced cyberinfrastructure tools and techniques.